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Wireless video kit

Wireless video kit

Have you heard of our wireless video kit? Our wireless reversing camera kit enables you to have an overall view around your machine, while simplifying the installation avoiding any extension cable. Combined with our external battery, you get a mobile video kit. The video kit is composed of a remote control, a camera and a 7” wireless monitor.

Operation of the wireless video kit

Both camera and monitor have the wireless technology, therefore they do not need to be connected to each other to work. However, each requires a connection to a power source to operate, but there is no cables between both devices. The monitor is installed in the cabin and the cameras can be installed wherever you want on the machine, in order to facilitate the various manoeuvers while ensuring your safety and comfort.

This product has the IP69K protection rating. This rating is the highest concerning the resistance against of solids and liquids, it ensures for example a maximum protection against water and dust.

The wireless camera

Our wireless camera is equipped with sound, a 120 ° view angle and night vision. It is equipped with PAL technology, invented in 1961, which offers a better image with a display of 25 images per second. Our wireless reversing camera can be placed wherever you want to provide a view at the back, on the sides or at the front of the machine.

The wireless monitor

Our wireless monitor 7 has 4 video inputs. This allows you to connect up to 4 cameras simultaneously to your machine. It is also equipped with a removable foot allowing it to be installed as desired in the cabin.

The monitor has 3 display modes: full, intermittent and divider.

Intermittency: the images appear one after the other with a fixed duration, defined beforehand. For example, if you set the timing on 5 seconds, the images provided by your different cameras will change every 5 seconds.

Le diviseur d’écran : l’écran du moniteur se divise pour afficher en même temps toutes les images de différentes caméras (jusqu’à 4 caméras). Il dispose de 8 modes d’affichages différents. A vous de choisir celui qui vous correspond le mieux !

Why choose our wireless video kit ?

Our wireless video kit saves time during installation as it does not require extension cables between the different elements. You only have to connect each element to a power source and it’s over!

The antennas of our equipment are large enough to enable an optimal reception up to 100 meters between the cameras and the monitor.

The screen being equipped with 4 video inputs, you can easily connect up to 4 cameras on your machine. The wireless video kit is ideal for large machines, also with tools at the front or rear, since there is no extension cables to connect.

Complementary products :

You can add an external battery to our wireless kit. The battery is magnetized and avoids connection to a power source. The association of a camera with our magnetic battery enables to install the camera wherever you want without the constraint of the connection. This way you get a mobile video kit!