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Secure your machine manoeuvres and reversing zones with a white noise reversing alarm!

Secure your machine manoeuvres and reversing zones with a white noise reversing alarm!


Using white noise technology up to 102 dB, this reversing alarm will ensure your optimal safety and that of others during reversing manoeuvres.

What is “white noise”?

Unlike traditional sound alarms with very sharp tones, white noise technology emits sounds on a broad frequency range which allows for easy identification of the vehicle on which it is fitted. This makes it possible to further secure the manoeuvring environment while also reducing noise disturbance for local residents.

What benefits does our white noise reversing alarm offer?

  • Clearer sound distinction of the reversing alarm, even in the presence of background noise
  • Easier sound source location (in terms of distance and direction), especially when there are many different vehicles fitted with the device on site
  • Less auditory fatigue for machine operators
  • Contributes towards reducing noise pollution

How is the reversing alarm fitted?

The vehicle must have continuous 12-60 volt current and a reverse signal. Ideally the device is fitted to the reverse light. Simply connect the red wire to the reverse light’s power source and earth the black wire. Then attach the reversing alarm to the outside of the vehicle towards the rear using screws.

What’s the purpose of fitting a reverse alarm on my machine?

Mainly used in the Civil Engineering industry, this easy-to-install alarm serves to warn pedestrians and vehicles, and alerts to other hazards which may be lying in their path. With its white noise technology at 102 decibels, the device helps to secure your site. You can fit the device to work site machinery or a tractor to secure all off-site manoeuvres.