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What are IP ratings?

What are IP ratings?

To ensure that our products are compliant for use within your specific work environment, we have a system of Ingress Protection ratings in place. Some products have a rating according to their resistance to solids and liquids. To find out the actual ingress protection provided by each rating, key information can be found in our Guide:

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What do IP ratings mean?

Ingress Protection (or IP) ratings are an international standard established by the International Electrotechnical Commission. They offer valuable indications in terms of the resistance level of a product against the projection of solid and liquid bodies.

This standard always follows the same logic: the first number provides information about the product’s level of protection against solids, the second number that against liquids.

Meaning of the numbers

First number:

  1. Protection against solid bodies larger than 50mm
  2. Protection against solid bodies larger than 12.5mm
  3. Protection against solid bodies larger than 2.5mm
  4. Protection against solid bodies larger than 1mm
  5. Protection against dust and other microscopic particles
  6. Fully dust-resistant

Second number:

  1. Protection against falling water droplets
  2. Protection against falling water droplets at an angle of up to 15°
  3. Protection against falling rain at an angle of up to 60°
  4. Protection against multi-directional water projection
  5. Protection against low-pressure, multi-directional water projection
  6. Protection against high-pressure, multi-directional water projection
  7. Protection against the effects of brief immersion in water
  8. Protection against the effects of long-term immersion in water
  9. Protection against high-pressure, high-temperature, multi-directional cleaning

Are our products IP-rated?

Our video products have Ingress Protection ratings. In order to ensure the best possible adapted use of our cameras to professional environments, all of our cameras are at least IP68-rated.

Most of our cameras are IP69K-rated, such as the CAMPAL 120° and wireless models.

This means that they are fully dust-resistant, and offer protection against high-pressure, high-temperature and multi-directional cleaning. This leaves no room for concerns if your product is exposed to rain or high-pressure cleaning.

Most of our screens are IP40-rated, which means they are protected against solid objects larger than 1mm. This makes them durable for use inside your cabins.

For maximum protection against water projections, our M7 WP waterproof screen is your perfect partner! Strong and resistant, it has been specifically designed for use in wet environments. AMS solutions are designed to support you over the long term. Each of our products has been designed to acclimatise to your work environment conditions, to offer sufficient protection. For more information about our products, please contact our sales department.

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