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Presentation of our 2 new cameras

Presentation of our 2 new cameras

Our priority is to ensure that you have a clear view of your surroundings when you drive your vehicles, no matter how large they are. We’re offering 2 new cameras to help you with this: the number plate camera and the 45° tilt camera. Read on for the advantages and features of these 2 cameras.

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1 – The licence plate camera

Like the name says, this camera is fixed in the same area as your licence plate. Ideally, it should be centred along the width of your vehicle to give you the best possible view.

Once in place and connected to a video screen, this camera will provide great visibility of whatever is behind your vehicle, making reversing safer and easier for you. This camera is particularly useful for very large vehicles.

CThe camera’s features include the highest available solid and liquid protection rating: IP69K. It has a resolution of 600TVL. You’ll be able to see in low light thanks to its 5 LEDs and in very bright light thanks to its backlight view. Last, but not least, its 150° viewing angle gives you a wide field of vision behind the vehicle.

2 – The 45° tilt camera

This discrete and easy-to-install mini-camera can be fixed to the sides, front and rear of your vehicle. Its aperture and 45° tilt give you an overhead view.

This device comes in very handy when manoeuvring as it allows you to better judge the distances around the vehicle and to ensure that your working areas are safe.

This camera fears neither rain nor dust, with its IP69K solid/liquid protection rating. Its 3 LEDS let you see in the dark. It features a resolution of 700TVL and a viewing angle of 150° just like our number plate camera.

Contact us now for more information about these 2 products!