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Use the AMS Dashcam to never miss anything on the road!

Use the AMS Dashcam to never miss anything on the road!

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Equip your machine or vehicle with our dashcam. This new onboard camera developed by AMS is fitted inside the passenger compartment for your comfort. Compact and practical, it can continuously record videos of the road.

Why choose the AMS dashcam?

While you are driving, the dashcam will always be filming the road so you won’t miss a thing. Positioned inside your car on the front or rear windscreen, this camera lets you record continuous video of the road. Whether a bump or a more serious accident, it will automatically archive the video. The camera is compatible with the AMS-DASHCAM app (for Android and iOS) and uses WIFI to connect to your smartphone.

An onboard camera developed by AMS

The technology behind the dashcam was developed by AMS teams to meet the needs of users and to make their daily lives easier. With its 140° viewing angle and Full HD image quality, the dashcam also includes a mirror function and an optimised night vision.

How the dashcam works

Continuous recording

The onboard camera turns on and starts recording automatically when the engine starts. It records 1, 3 or 5-minute video sequences (depending on the settings you specified) on the MicroSD card. When the card is full, the oldest files are automatically deleted to make room for new ones. In other words, the videos are recorded in a loop.

Saving when an impact occurs

Le mode G-Sensor permet un enregistrement automatique des événements causés par des incidents tels The G-Sensor mode makes it possible to automatically save events caused by incidents like holes in the road, collisions and accidents, among others. This mode will activate whether the vehicle is in motion or stationary. You can manage the G-Sensor mode’s sensitivity according to your vehicle in the app settings.

The camera automatically backs up the video of the incident and saves it to the MicroSD card in a specific directory where it can’t be overwritten, thus excluding it from the loop recording process.

Exporting images and videos

From the AMS-DASHCAM app on your smartphone, you can configure all the features of the onboard camera.

You can also view and extract images and videos of recorded incidents and export them to your smartphone.

The MicroSD card can also be removed so you can view these recordings on your computer.

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