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A wireless flashing light is essential for optimal signalling!

A wireless flashing light is essential for optimal signalling!

Traditionally, agricultural machines are equipped with wired flashing lights, which limit their flexibility and range. Enjoy the advantages of our wireless flashing light. This innovative device can be easily assembled onto all types of agricultural machines or tools without requiring complex cabling. The light is battery operated and has a remote control for easy long-distance use. It uses clear, visible lighting modes to indicate your presence and the movements of your machine.

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Versatile and easy to install:

One of the main advantages of our wireless flashing light is its easy installation. No need to spend hours pulling cables toward your agricultural equipment. This light has a magnetic suction pad that enables you to attach it wherever you need it! Once installed, it can easily be deactivated remotely using the wireless remote control. Our wireless flashing light can easily be moved and used on several machines!

Enhanced visibility and safety:

The main function of the wireless flashing light is to provide clear light signalling to guarantee visibility and safety. With its bright flashing lights, it can be spotted easily day or night, even in conditions of reduced visibility. With its 4 rotation modes and 3 flash modes, our wireless flashing light can be configured to emit different modes of lighting – making it more visible and distinctive.

An asset for regulatory compliance:

In addition to the safety benefits, the wireless flashing light can also help you comply with regulations. In many countries, it is mandatory to equip agricultural machinery with warning lights when operating on public roads or near traffic areas. By using our wireless flashing light, you can easily comply with these regulations without compromising safety.

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