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AMS lighting solutions

AMS lighting solutions

Visibility and remaining visible is of prime importance on the road and out in the field. That’s why AMS has developed a new, diverse range of lighting products to deliver on our commitment: Safety & Comfort. Flashing beacons, supplementary lighting, occupational safety lighting, and more… a full range of lighting products for professionals. Watch this space to keep up-to-date with the latest new products due to expand the range in the coming months!

To be aware of the latest news that will expand this range in the coming months, stay tuned !

Lighting Solution 1: Noctis work light

Designed for low-light areas, the Noctis work light provides additional lighting where it’s dark. Working in darkness at night is no longer a problem with this product that provides ample lighting in work spaces such as workshops and garages. With its handle and magnetic base, this LED light is portable, allowing you to install it and take it along with you wherever you go. Its 4 different lightning modes and 5-hour battery life ensure guaranteed visibility, even in darkness.

Lighting Solution 2: Moneo flashing beacon

Alerting other users to your presence and increasing visibility, the Moneo flashing beacon is the ideal toolIn fact, this product allows you to alert others of your presence with 3 different modes of LED lighting designed to cater for an array of different needs. Moreover, this flashing beacon has a magnetised base for quick installation on any type of equipment (trailers, tractors, etc.). These characteristics make our flashing beacon easy to use so that the operator feels comfortable from the very first use.

Lighting solution 3: LIGHT-FORKLIFT safety light

To help to prevent injury and collisions, our LIGHT-FORKLIFT safety light is the ideal companion. This lighting projects an arc of red light on the ground in order to demarcate a safety zone around your handling equipment, thus ensuring a perimeter is placed around it. This provides the perfect solution to ensure the safety and comfort of users and those around them.