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Digital radio offers a great experience with optimum convenience

DAB+ (digital audio broadcasting) is land-based digital radio. Equivalent to television’s HD broadcast channels, if offers better sound quality than the FM band.

The future of radio is deployment of digital radio across all of Europe. Numerous countries already have this technology: Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, etc. France is slowly moving towards DAB+. Cities like Paris, Nice, and Marseilles are already covered by this new radio-frequency band.

Digital radio: what’s changing?

Radios found inside vehicles today are not developed to receive DAB+. You have to invest in compatible, high-performance equipment to get it. Also, the digital radio has a wider bandwidth for better sound quality.

Our range of radios has two models equipped with DAB+: The short-chassis CT412 DAB BT and the CB710 DAB BT CD/radio stereo.

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